maggie raku

Introduction to my artwork

I am a painter and a sculptor. I work in a range of media appropriate to the images that have inspired the piece or pieces I make. 

The website is broken into different sections called galleries or pages. The pages consist of the different work I make in 2D and 3D. Each page or section has a different title.

I am also a teacher with many years experience across the 14 - 19 age range. I have worked in comprehensive education, further education and special needs. Recently I have been involved in Artist in Residence projects with different institutions.  I have created pages that reflect some of the work I have done with different groups of students. In order to protect their privacy, the identity of the centre and the students is not shown. 

Within the galleries of my own work included here, are a range of studies from my paintings, ceramics, sculptures and drawings.

Each section gives you a short description of the materials used in creating the pieces and the inspiration behind the work.

I work from my painting studio and my ceramics workshop on the Sussex coast and will accept commissions but recommend that if you are interested you come and view the work. I would also be interested in taking on artist in residence projects at various institutions across the country. Please contact me for possible project plans and dates for proposed working.

The two-dimensional work is also available on request in high-quality giclee print format.

Please feel free to comment on the work and leave me a message via this website.