maggie raku


Here is a selection from a range of my different series of ceramic vessels. They are handbuilt using mainly stoneware clays such as craft crank or a grogged white raku body and occasionally a grogged red earthenware. The vessels are intended as non-functional craft pieces for interior or exterior display. Given the nature of highly fired clay, the stoneware vessels are more appropriate for situating outdoors and will withstand frost.

I use a range of handbuilding methods to create the vessels such as coiling and slabbing the clay. I use grogged clay for both its ability to support the building of large pieces and in particular for its rich textural qualities, allowing me to exploit accidental effects in mark-making and forms. For surface treatments, I use a range of oxides, underglazes and glazes. The quality of the fired clay surface plays an important part in the final design and frequently I let the oxides and glazes work with and alongside the clay body. 

I am inspired by the natural world especially the environment of the south coast with the rugged chalk and flint cliffs, the tactile nature of the pebbles, eroded driftwood and rock forms of the wilder beaches, the endless rhythms of the tide, the weather and of course the blues of the sea and sky. 

I will work to commissions but recommend that if you are interested in any of the pieces, to come and view them in situ in around the studio where I work.